Amy jackson saturn girl

A handful of Bollywood stars have managed to cross over to Hollywood and make it big there most notable of which is Priyanka Chopra with her roles in Quantico and Baywatch.

Now, however, another Bollywood star might be set to follow that path with her casting as Saturn Girl in CW’s Supergirl series. The actress in question is British-born actress/model Amy Jackson.

The CW has confirmed that Jackson will play Imra Adreen aka Saturn Girl in the series and this is a good indication that we’ll soon be seeing the Legion of Superheroes making their first appearance on Supergirl.

In the comics, Saturn Girl is one of the founding members of the Legion of Superheroes, a super-team setup to help people due to Superman’s example. So far in the Supergirl series, no other members of the Legion of Superheroes have appeared.

Hints of their existence have been peppered throughout the series and the rest of the CW’s TV DC Universe though, with a Legion ring seen in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and another ring appearance in The Flash.

As for Jackson, while having built a modelling career in the UK, it was in India that she established herself, building a substantial career in both the Bollywood and Tollywood scene.

Her role in Supergirl will be one of the first she’s taken outside India and considering that the role is slated to be a recurring character, we do think we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.