Welp, it looks like someone just got killed off in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

It was hinted some time back that someone would die in the anime, but it wasn’t made apparent until now.

But it’s pretty standard to expect someone to get killed over the course of a series but we didn’t expect that someone to be a kid. In the most recent episode of the anime (episode 27) Shizuma Hoshigaki just up and murdered one of his younger soldiers.

The episode’s plot is quite straightforward, with Boruto and the gang going to save Denki after they were kidnapped by Shizuma’s gang. After the  Mist gang got defeated,  the end of the episode saw Hachiya Tsurushi relaying the news to Shizuma, before getting decapitated for their failure.


The anime has yet to actually kill off anyone in such a brutal manner, and it resonates with an early arc in Naruto where Team 7 faced down with Zabuza Momichi. Naruto was almost paralyzed in the face of Zabuza, and it looks like Boruto might end up in something similar with Shizuma.

Whatever the case, let’s hope that Boruto doesn’t find himself in a similar situation with the brutal killer.