bostondyne2Boston Dynamics, makers of the ‘Big Dog’ all terrain robotic pack-mule, have made a much smaller version that is capable of most of the stuff it’s bigger tougher sibling can do. It’s much smaller and lighter than it’s siblings though it’s purpose is the same, being able to ‘walk’ in a natural manner that’s not impeded by difficult terrain.

Nicknamed ‘Spot’ this one can still cover rough terrain and is small enough to enter houses. We suppose they will be used more for search and rescue due to it’s smaller size and ability to instantaneously correct it’s posture and balance even after being given a good kick. It’s movements may seem clumsy now, but it won’t be long till our robot overlords learn how to overtake us in the field of mobility.

Check out the video to watch ‘Spot’ in action:


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