For some unknown reason, we’ve been getting a lot of Lego news lately. Not bad for a company that was struggling for a decade from the mid-90s. With the ‘selfie’ trend having clearly taken over the world, there was bound to be better use for selfies apart from flooding Instagram feeds.

So here’s to another channel for human vanity – Brick-a-Pic, a Kickstarter project that lets you convert your selfies (and other photos of course) into Lego artworks.

All you need to do to become Lego-fied is upload a picture and Brick-a-Pic will send you a mosaic-ed version with the precise pieces selected from the actual Lego colour palette.

Lego Brick-a-pic UI
Not at all my best pic.
Brick-a-pic results
Am I not gorgeous, bricked?

The fully-automated system converts your photo into appropriately sized pixels using only Lego colours that Lego used to produce but has been discontinued. The system also calculates the exact number of bricks of the colours you need to produce the finished product.

Brick-a-pic kits come in a range of sizes from 16×16 pixels (up to 256 bricks), through to 48×48 (a whopping 2,304 bricks).


If you’ve got a wallet full of dosh, go crazy and do a custom mosaic that can feature up to 5,000 bricks!

Note that final outcome is better if you use photos with simpler, flatter colours.

The project on Kickstarter is seeking US$50,000 to fund the purchase of Lego bricks, and to develop an online editor so that you can manually tweak a picture before it’s bricked.

Too cool. Go try it out.