There’s a new cryptocurrency about to hit the block, and its unlikely source is none other than Burger King.

We’re pretty familiar with cryptocurrency by now, with names like BitCoin and Ethereum (just to name a few) becoming commonplace enough that most know immediately what they are when they’re mentioned.

However, Burger King is also developing their own “virtual coin” which they’re currently testing out in Russia called the Whoppercoin.

Their spin on the currency is that every time a Russian based customer purchases a Whopper, a WhopperCoin gets deposited into a virtual wallet. The Whoppercoin receives full support from Waves, the main rival of popular cryptocurrency Ethereum.

So this is literally the only burger that can be an “investment tool”. Not too sure how well this will work but if you happen to be in Russia and you’re interested in giving it a go, the Whoppercoin app launches in September.