Huddle up all you fighting game fans! Capcom has revealed a teaser trailer announcing the next chapter of its most famous fighting game franchise – Street Fighter V. The long running fighting game celebrated its 25th Anniversary last year even going so far as to release a totally free documentary on YouTube. And for a 25 plus year old franchise, it’s still going on strong.

One major bombshell revealed though is that the game will be a PS4 and PC exclusive so Xbox One gamers, be prepared to rant and rave on Capcom’s decision. Of course the “exclusive” tag might only be for a certain period of time and Xbox One gamers will EVENTUALLY get their own version. Until then though, we are expecting the game to be announced in full force in this weekend’s PlayStation Experience at Las Vegas.

As for what we can expect? So far the trailer hasn’t revealed much except for fast cuts of Ryu fighting Chun Li, though from the gameplay trailer below, we have some rough idea just what sort of visual and graphic quality we can get from the game.

So, are you ready for the next Street Fighter challenge?

Via PC Gamer

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