Looks like there’s going to be a sequel manga to CLAMP’s long running Cardcaptor Sakura manga series which is going to launch this July in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine.

The sequel manga will be taking place after Sakura graduates from Tomoeda Elementary School and will be in her first year of junior high. Sakura gets a mysterious dream, and an incident takes place. What incident we don’t know yet but we’re guessing its got something to do with the Clow once again.

The original manga has sold over 12 million copies to date, with this year being its 20th Anniversary. The manga originally ran from May 1996 to June 2000, with Kodansha publishing 12 volumes of the manga and Tokyopop releasing it in English, followed by Dark Horse Comics releasing it as an omnibus.

The manga also enjoyed an anime series that ran from 1998 – 2000, with two feature films Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie in 1999 and Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card a year later.

So what do you think the new series would be about? let us know in the comments!