So, you’re ready to invest time and effort into learning the real intricacies of casino gaming. Congratulations, because shortcuts don’t work, and it takes some degree of geeky tip-hunting to be able to beat the house and come home with some money from a casino. In this guide, we will cover five casino gaming tips that will help you win more often. So read on.

Identify Clumsy Card Dealers

Did you know – there are less than one hundred professional blackjack card dealers in the world. If you’re one of them, you probably have 1-2% advantage. However, the real benefit lies in identifying weak card dealer who might accidentally show you the face-down card and land you with a potential 8-9% advantage. Professional casino players use this strategy, called card holing, regularly to win more often. The best part is, even if the dealer spots you executing this strategy, the casino can’t do anything apart from asking you to leave because the tactic is legal.

Exit on a High

Did you know – the house has 5% edge at roulette. There’s even a number of roulette hands at which the house is guaranteed to win, and that’s 30,000 hands. So, at least when you’re playing roulette, know when to stop! Your chances of winning the first few spins are decent, so if you start winning, remember to call it quits at a high. Now you know why casinos start offering complimentary expensive beverages and lobsters when you start winning at roulette. If you just can’t say no, we’d recommend you start playing at a real online casino.

Steer Clear of Skin in a Casino

Vegas is famous for its Party Pits – which are mainly casinos that let pole dancers and flirtatious dealers lose on beginner casino players, eating away at the payouts in the process. Invariably, tables with bikini-clad dealers offer lower payouts as compared to the traditional ones. In some casinos, a game that would otherwise make you $150 on a $100 bet, will only yield $120 on $100, which doubles the house’s advantage over you. So, the rule to remember is – when in a casino, steer clear of skin!

Know your Game

It’s too common for casino players to lay foot inside a glitzy casino without a clue of which game(s) they want to play. The result – some of them start with Keno, a game with 35% house edge! The fate of such a casino gaming session, unless you’re playing on an online casino with free bets, is sealed – it won’t end well! Instead, research about the few games that appeal to you, and the ones you’re good at, to work out a right mix of 4 to 8 casino games that you can indulge in. Avoid experiments when it’s big money at play.

Telltale Sign The Casino’s Got It’s Eye On You – Free Drinks

The moment you see attendants flashing their wide grins, asking you as to which drinks you want, understand that one of two things has happened. Either you’re playing well and have won more than what the house would like; the drinks are meant to get you into betting more than you can afford, for the house to get it all back. Or, the casino thinks you’re an easy kill – someone who would lose more money, only if you were served some ice-loaded and watered down scotch, complimentary.

Concluding Remarks

Casino gaming is thrilling; nothing gets the adrenaline flowing quite like a good casino gaming session. However, it’s only by understanding and executing the best tips and tricks for casino gaming.