Hungry for data? Or do you feel that your data plan just isn’t big enough to satiate your appetite for videos? Look no further because Celcom FIRST will satisfy you with the best postpaid plans in town!

Bigger, better data

For the data hungry, Celcom has three plans for you.


FIRST GOLD nets you a whopping 20GB data a month, which is double the previous allocation. This offering which is available for purchase from 28 October, will have you enjoying 10GB Week-day data with an extra 10GB data, just for the weekend.  To top it off, you also get unlimited calls, instant messaging and unlimited Yonder music, all just for RM80/month.


Not quite satisfied yet? Then FIRST GOLD PLUS is for you. This plan offers 40GB data for RM98/month, which equates to 20GB Weekday data plus 20GB Weekend data. That’s twice the amount for just an extra RM18, and Celcom is the only one who gets you 40GB data for less than RM100/month.


Last but not least, is the FIRST PLATINUM plan, which kicks up from 18GB to 60GB monthly data. You still get unlimited calls, SMS and instant messages (WhatsApp and WeChat) with a bonus of free unlimited access to iflix for 12 months.

Experience faster internet with Celcom’s Ultrafast 4G Territory


Celcom is diligently upgrading its 4G network in pursuit of being the most advanced 4G network in the country. Customers can expect faster speeds, better stability and a seamless internet experience as Celcom continues with its nationwide modernisation exercise.

Use your data the way you want


For those who want to take control of their Internet, the AnyDay add-on is for you. With  just an additional RM10/month, you can combine both Weekday and Weekend data in a single basket; if you’re using Celcom FIRST GOLD PLUS, that’s RM108/month for 40GB data you can use any day you want!

Go big or go home

With the huge amount of data at your disposal with the FIRST Postpaid plans, why settle for less? You can literally get up to 60GB a month and Celcom is the only telco in town that will let you combine your weekend and weekday data for pocket change.

If you haven’t yet signed up, these plans will only be available till 31st December 2016, so hurry!

For more info, head over to Celcom’s FIRST Postpaid page.