This year CES saw the launch of a whole bevy of new smartwatches, from newcomers to the smartwatch scene like Razer to mainstays like FitBit, here are some of the new werables CES 2016 has to offer.

Razer Nabu Watch

The Razer Nabu Watch comes in two flavours, the basic version and the Forged Edition. In terms of general looks its probably one of the more rugged looking smartwatches around (it kind of looks like one of Casio’s G-Shock series watches to us).

razer nabu watches
Standard edition on the left and the Forged edition on the right

They function as regular watches (duh) but also includes a Nabu secondary screen that shows notifications from your smartphone, tracks fitness and sleep activity; much like a regular smartwatch. Razer has also integrated a unique watch-to-watch communication function that allows users to shake hands to exchange Facebook and Twitter info, which also applies to the Nabu and Nabu X smartbands.

The Nabu Watch will retail for $ 149.99 (about RM 660) for the standard version while the Forged Edition will retail for $199.99 (about RM 881) with both available from this month onwards.