With VR making it big last year, this might just be the year we see oodles of VR accessories. One of these is the Taclim, a pair of motion controllers and shoes that essentially allow you to feel different surfaces as you walk around in VR.

The shoes, created by the Japan-based Cerevo, produce haptic feedback when you walk over various surfaces in VR, or vibrate when you say; kick something. So you could walk over snow or wood in a VR game while wearing these, and feel the difference.

They’re still very much in the prototype phases so they don’t quite look sexy yet (they’re chunky and a bit difficult to balance in) but they allow for some size adjustment.

vr boots 2

The Taclim is expected to hit the market this Fall but it will be marketed more as a product for business owners to advertise their products or programs. The system will set you back a good USD$1,000-$1,500 when it comes out; and Headbutt Factory (launching on the PSVR end Jan) will be free on the Taclim as well.

How well will it work? we don’t know, but its certainly an interesting concept.