Charlie’s determined gaze

Fresh from the buzzing excitement of the upcoming Street Fighter V game, Capcom has revealed another major piece of news – the return of Charlie Nash. Old timers might recall his first appearance in Street Fighter Zero, he is Guile’s old friend who tries to investigate M.Bison or Vega’s shadow organization but disappeared, which prompted Guile to search for him. His fighting style is quite similar to his buddy as he is pretty defensive and have same fighting techniques such as the Flip Kick and iconic Sonic Boom.

However, the Japanese game titan is being very coy with other details so fans have to wait for any updates. The reveal is first shown at the annual Capcom Cup. 

From the video, we can see there is an inclusion of an EX bar, just like the previous games of the franchise but whether it will be the same is still unknown for now. At the moment we can definitely confirm that Ryu, Chun-Li and Charlie Nash is in the fighter roster of Street Fighter V.

Since the absence of any confirmed date of release for the game, it is highly possible that Capcom will still support Street Fighter 4 for professional competitive play in 2015. In other developments, Capcom also announced that they will increase the prize money for the tournament to half a million dollars in next Capcom Cup and other Capcom Pro Tour events throughout next year.

And check out how the gameplay  looks like, this is an eight minute live demonstration of the gameplay at Capcom Cup by two professional Street Fighter players.

Now Capcom has unleashed Charlie Nash with his new look, a really long scar across his face and his fighting style is somewhat reminiscent of Satsui no Hado combined with his old martial arts.

Plus, Capcom is offering those players who pre-ordered the PS4 and PC exclusive automatic beta enrollment too.

So are you excited with final unveiling of Charlie Nash? Comment below and let us know.

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