game of thrones japanese covers

This might not exactly be brand new news but considering that we’re just into episode 3 of Game of Thrones Season 7, we’d thought it’d be nice to do a little throwback. Game of Thrones popularity is global and it’s no surprise that there’d be translations of George R.R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series in various languages. However, while most of the artwork of the various translated books don’t stray too far from the original, it’s the Japanese versions that are of special interest to us.

You have to hand it to Japan, the land of manga and anime, to give their own awesome twist to the book covers for the Song of Ice and Fire series. The covers were done by a couple of Japanese artists, mainly Yasushi Suzuki and Noriko Meguro and they bring a fresh look to the George R.R Martin’s world. Don’t believe it? Then try checking them out

1. Book 1: A Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Ori vs JP cover 1
L to R: Original Cover, Japanese Cover book 1, Japanese Cover book 2

Considering how massive each book is in the Song of Ice and Fire series, it’s no surprise that the Japanese had to split each book into two. In the first book case, A Game of Thrones (which has gone on to be the name the entire series has come to be known), we have an illustration of Jon Snow with his dire wolf Ghost while the second book has, of course, the seemingly half-naked figure of Daenerys Targayen.

Illustrated by Noriko Meguro

2.  Book 2: A Clash of KingsClash of Kings Ori VS JP cover

Like the first book, A Clash of Kings is also split into two separate books for the Japanese translated version. In this we see the fortunes that have befallen both the Stark sister.

The first book sees Arya Stark well on her way to be the waifish assassin we’ll come to know in the later part of the story, with her hair cut short and holding on to Needle, her sword. The second book sees Sansa Stark, already with her hair cut and soon to face even more problems.

Illustrated by Noriko Meguro

3. Book 3: A Storm of Swords

Storm of swords japanese covers

Starting from a Storm of Swords onwards, the front cover illustrations have been taken over by well-known mangaka Yasushi Suzuki. And this time, instead of illustrating two covers, he has to work with three. With the first book having Margaery Tyrell on the front. The second book gives us Suzuki’s take on everybody’s favourite Lannister, Tyrion. While many of

With the first book having Margaery Tyrell on the front. The second book gives us Suzuki’s take on everybody’s favourite Lannister, Tyrion. While many of us have grown used to Peter Dinklage as the dwarfish Lannister, Suzuki’s take on him is a little more child-like and creepy at the same time. Finally, there’s the third book which has Samwell Tarly up front.

Illustrated by Yasushi Suzuki

4. Book 4: A Feast for Crows

A Feast for Crows japanese covers

Suzuki is once more on cover duty for A Feast for Crows this time coming in only two books. The first has the one handed Jamie Lannister looking especially heroic. You might have even mistaken him to be the heroic main character.

The second book sees his sister Cersei Lannister in a rather vampish red outfit surrounded by what looks like blood and crows, truly befitting the eventual Queen of the iron throne.

Illustrated by Yasushi Suzuki

5. Book 5: A Dance with Dragons

A Dance with Dragons japanese covers

And finally, we come to A Dance with Dragons, what is supposed penultimate book before the end of the entire Song of Ice and Fire series (or Game of Thrones if you’re used to following what HBO calls it). With three volumes to the Japanese version, this, like A Storm of Swords is a pretty big book.

And once again we see the illustrations of Daenerys and Jon Snow on the first book, but this time, it’s Suzuki’s take on the characters. Of course, we also get to see his take on Bran Stark, and his direwolf Summer.

Illustrated by Yasushi Suzuki

As the 6th book has yet to be released, there is, of course, no illustration at the moment, however, if you can’t wait to know what’s happening, you could always check out Season 7 of  Game of Thrones.