Ever wondered how Dafne Keen landed her role as Logan‘s X-23? this audition tells it all.

Logan changed the game, big time. Calling it a comic book movie would be severely underselling the masterpiece that it is. This is a western-drama that just so happens to feature a man with metal claws and regenerative abilities. It is a story about grandfather, father and daughter. And it is great.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Logan is Dafne Keen’s performance as Laura/X-23. The stuff she does in this movie is incredible. There is a scene where she sucks the blood and bullet from her hand and spits it out. How do you tell a 12-year old kid to do that convincingly? But it isn’t just the action set pieces, though. Dafne shines throughout the film, performing with such subtlety and nuance.

One of my favourite scenes in the movie comes somewhere in the second act of the film. Laura desperately wants to go to North Dakota – she’s convinced that it’s a safe haven for her and her friends. Logan isn’t having it. He thinks it’s all bulls*t. And then they get into this argument, in one of the most hilarious, yet emotionally heavy scenes in the movie.

You can now watch her audition video, in which she and Hugh Jackman play out that argument.

It is simply genius, to say the least. Safe to say, Dafne Keen has a bright future ahead of her.

In the video above, producer Hutch Parker comments on Dafne, clearly amazed by her immense talents.

There are qualities you can’t ask someone to deliver, a level of strength, a sort of stage presence and a maturity that still doesn’t really make sense to me. It felt like she could do this most difficult thing of, on the one hand, being the sort of emotional co-star with Hugh and with Patrick and on top of that then also manage the physicality, which was pretty demanding. She was really a remarkable discovery.

Logan will be released on Digital HD May 16, and Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD on May 23.