We know Malaysian’s really love their food, nasi lemak especially but maybe we’re taking things just a little too far. Why? Today the Miss Malaysia Universe organisers were to reveal the outfits that the 2017 title holder, will be wearing at the 66th Miss Universe pageant. And guess what? The national costume gown is Nasi Lemak inspired.

At the gown unveiling event held today (31 October), current Miss Universe Malaysia, Samantha Katie was seen showcasing the more “normal” gown she’ll be wearing for the pageant. It’s dark red single strapped gown with a one-sided split that goes all the way to her waist. Quite a fitting and fetching gown to be worn at a Miss Universe pageant.

However, what everyone was actually waiting for was the National Costume that Samantha Katie would have to wear for that segment of the pageant. Last year’s costume that was worn by Kiran Jassal, the 2016 Malaysian title holder, was a KLCC Twin Tower inspired outfit that was pretty eye-catchy if not gaudy. So many would be curious as to what this year’s outfit would be.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 gownTurns out we didn’t have to look too far but to Malaysian’s very own favourite dish, Nasi Lemak. With a split top of white and red to represent the sambal and rice, as well as accompanying decorations of egg, cucumber, peanuts and ikan bilis, this year’s Miss Universe costume really tries to capture the spirit of Malaysia’s favourite breakfast dish. Did we mention that she would also have a cape like decoration behind her that looks like banana leaves? The costume was designed by Malaysian designer Brian Khoo who took a month to make it.

2017 has truly been the year of the nasi lemak from Nasi Lemak inspired burgers, viral, exorbitant nasi lemak dishes, and people just eating nasi lemak plain wrong. So we weren’t surprised that eventually, this plain ole dish of rice, sambal, egg and ikan bilis, was to eventually make its international debut as a fashion statement.

Safe to say, maybe we should just give the nasi lemak inspired stuff a bit of a rest next year. Let’s maybe try out another Malaysian dish like laksa, chicken rice or wantan mee. Can you imagine a costume inspired by those foods?