Comic Fiesta 2016 Cosplays

So over the previous weekend, Comic Fiesta 2016 happened and over the two days of 17 and 18 December, scores of geek, otakus and pop culture fans, made their way to the Putra World Trade Centre convention halls to take part in Malaysia’s biggest pop culture/geek/otaku convention.

Of course, a major convention like this would definitely attract a huge bunch of cosplayers. After all, what better place to show off one’s hard work in prepping a costume? We definitely couldn’t miss out on covering the convention and as such, we’ve prepared this video on some of the cooler cosplays at Comic Fiesta 2016. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show

If you want more Comic Fiesta 2016 coverage, you can check out our two-day gallery as well as what we thought about this years convention below.

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Comic Fiesta 2016 Day 2 gallery

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