fallout power armor

Fallout has never gotten much love in the toy department, with the post-apocalyptic series bizarrely lacking detailed figurines that are oft enjoyed by other popular series. Funko would of course be adding their own cute deformed toys to their already massive line of Funko Pop figures, but the guys over at ThreeZero are finally creating the detailed figures we deserve.

The company recently snagged the rights to create Fallout toys in anticipation of the release of Fallout 4 later this year. The first figure of course, is the extremely iconic Brotherhood of Steel powersuit armor.

fallout power armor_1

The details are already looking fantastic, and what we see here is just a mere prototype of the final article. However, with great details come a great price so expect this Fallout 4 figurine to cost a pretty penny. There hasn’t been any other details on when the figure will become available or what figures ThreeZero is going to cook up next, but with this level of detail, they’re pretty much guaranteed to look spectacular.

So save up on your caps! you’re going to need them.

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