ghostbusters firehouse headquarters

Many a Lego fan has been waiting for this and now, we finally get to see the full form of the Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters set. Granted you can’t really buy it until it gets released next year but being able to ogle at the amount of detail in this set is more than enough for many a brick fan.

The images were released by Lego recently over in its Facebook page and though some details and pictures of the set have made their way round the internet (including an accidental leak on its availability), this is the first time we get to see the whole set complete with close-ups.

Called #75827 Firehouse Headquarters, the set itself is incredibly huge, with 4634 pieces and when fully built, can be considered one of the taller Lego sets to be produced. Considering the amount of bricks this set comes with, it is definitely going to be incredibly detailed, as you’ll see in the images released.

When fully built, the Firehouse Headquarters can open up like a dollhouse, similar to that of the #71006 Lego Simpsons house, and allows you a peek inside the set. Inside you’ll find that the Firehouse is divided into three stories with an incredible amount of detail put in. Too bad it doesn’t come with a basement level as it’ll be cool to actually build the containment chamber as well.

The set itself is based off the original Ghostbusters movie instead of the cartoon series and the 12 minifigs that come with the set reflect that (yes a whopping 12). Aside from the four Ghostbusters themselves, Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston, you also get Dana Barret and Louis Tully from the movie. That’s not all, the Ghostbusters‘ trusty receptionist, Janine and the lovable Slimer’s minifigs are also part of the set. And to round it all off, it ain’t a Ghostbusters set if there aren’t any ghost, so four ghost minifigs (excluding Slimer) have also been included.

It isn’t a wonder that the set itself will cost a whopping US$350 (RM1528) to get. And if it ever comes to our shores, it’ll cost even more! So far, the set is scheduled to be released in the US on January 1 2016 and we’re checking to see if it’ll be making its way here via official Lego stores. Till then, those who want to get the set early might have to deal with scalp prices from third party importers. Then again, for the true fan, nothing is ever too expensive.