Star Wars the Force Awakens

The latest TV spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens came this weekend alongside a brand new Japanese trailer that shows off extra footage. Check ’em both out here!

The Force Awakens has had a slew of trailers up to this point, with the movie set to hit just a month away. As such they’ve released an official TV spot for the upcoming film, and it has a different narrator that we’re used to hearing. However, in the new trailers Luke Skywalker is still nowhere to be found; though we still hear his theme towards the end.

What are they actually hinting here? that Kylo Ren is actually “Dark Side Luke” ? we’re not entirely sure but we rather not delve into fan theories for now.

The Japanese trailer also cropped up this weekend and it looks to have a lot more scenes than what we’ve seen so far on the international trailers. We see some extra scenes of Finn and Rey, with additional space battle action. It also seems to be hinting fairly strongly that Rey has some connection to Han Solo (with fans saying she’s possibly Leia and Han’s kid) due to the fact she seems to be driving the Millennium Falcon a lot. But we digress. Check out the trailer below!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will open in Malaysian theatres on 17 December 2015.