The first four classes
The first four classes

Eye popping and ultra realistic, beautiful character design is the main draw of this South Korean MMO, Black Desert Online. The game is now available in closed beta which is scheduled to go live on 17 December 2014. Prospective players can download the game on 10th December and begin their character creations from 12th to 15th December.

The new server, which able to handle up to 5000 characters will open in a starting town called Olbia which will function as the main town of the game. PvP will require a minimum level of 50 while four more classes will be introduced next year. As with most free MMORPGs, micro-transactions will be part of the features but so far, no details on what sort of mechanics or system will be put in place for it. Meanwhile, check out the character creation segment of this MMORPG.

One thing for sure, the character design looks pretty impressive here. We also included the gameplay video below, giving you a sneak peek of what the four classes can do in the game.

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