Riot and Funko have just released a batch League of Legends Pop! Vinyls and they look hella cute.

The collection includes Lee Sin, Vi, Jinx, Thresh, Ashe and Braum, with a special collection box that comes with Amumu, a mini Lucian figure, three mystery Poros and a Thresh keychain.

The Poros could be either a Shadow Isles, Draven, Gentlemen, PROJECT or generic Poro, or if you’re lucky a King Poro!

The current set only seems to have junglers, supports and AD-carries so the next wave will probably be home to the top and mid laners we all know and love.

The collection will set you back $11.99 a figure (about RM 47) and the Amumu collector box will retail for $24.99 (about RM 99) but we’re unsure if they will be selling the figures directly. The pre-orders are available via GameStop, but we’re sure grey importers will be picking up these figures for sale.

Riot have also released other figurines in the past, which you can check out at their store here.