If you’re a fan of Adventure Time, GAMEVIL and have been working on a new crossover game on mobile called Dungeon Link: Adventure Time which you might want to check out.

Basically a special version of Dungeon Link, the game plays by way of connecting coloured blocks using characters within the game. Of course, you’ll get access to Adventure Time themed areas and heroes on your quest to save both Kanterbury and the Land of Ooo.

On top of being able to summon over 20 new Adventure Time characters, you’ll get three unique episodes and scenarios to play through with special enemies!

While you’re in the Land of Ooo, you’ll be using Finn’s Tree Fort as your base of operations. Last but not least, the cast of Adventure Time will own special abilities like the rest of the Dungeon Link heroes; like Jake will be able to stun all targets and smash them with his giant fist with “Jake Hammer”

Dungeon Link: Adventure Time will be available in both Bahasa Melayu, Simplified Chinese and English, and is free to download for Android and iOs from and the