Tamiya, the Japanese company that makes thr mini 4WD racing car we all know and love decided to embark on an age old dream to make these cars real- calling it the Giant Mini 4WD Project. And guess what, it is here.

AeroAvante2The Aero Avante is the most popular model of the range (with over 100 million units sold) and it is chosen to be made into real car by Tamiya. It seats only one driver and uses a tubular frame construction method like the Lamborghini Egoista.

Instead of the electrical engine that’s usually in the toy version, an air-cooled four cylinder OHV 1.6 liter engine was installed at the rear. The scaled up Aero Avante is able to speed up to 180 kmph with dimensions measuring at 4650 × 2800 × 1440mm (height, width, height).

AeroAvante03In comparison, the toy version is powered by 2 AA sized batteries and measured around 15 cm in length. During the construction, every detail is painstakingly replicated for the upscaled version, including the side rails.

The toy version of Aero Avante
The toy version of Aero Avante

The upscaled Aero Avante was unveiled at last on the MEGA WEB racetrack on 18 October 2015 to celebrate the Japan Cup 2015 mini 4WD championship event. For breakdown and details of this car during its manufacture, you can check it out here or hit the video below: