Vergil in focus
Vergil in focus
Vergil in focus

Capcom unleashes two gameplay or overview videos of two characters for its upcoming Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. We got to see Vergil and Trish kicking butt in the video while showcasing what each character can do in dishing out punishment.

Trish in action
Lady delivering her love

The game will feature a few additional playable characters – Trish, Vergil and Lady. This will round up the total playable characters in the game to five, which gives players different choices for fighting methods and style. The game developer stressed that the game videos were captured in “Turbo Mode” which increases the game speed by 20 percent. This will surely satisfy any fast action junkie who is in need of speed.

According to Capcom’s description:

Vergil is a strong, yet technical character, so newcomers can play with confidence while seasoned veterans can further sharpen their skills as they master his moves. Great for all skill levels!

Lady, in her first playable appearance, specializes in long-distance, powerful attacks. Using the Kalina Ann rocket launcher, a grappling wire, and a variety of awesome guns, she can fight with grace and ease.

Trish utilizes the demonic sword Sparda to perform a wide variety of combos. The Sparda can even home in on and attack enemies autonomously while Trish fights in tandem!

The game will see a release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in digital mode form for international market whereas Japanese gamers will able to purchase the physical retail version of the game.



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