As we all know, learning chemistry isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, and kids tend to have really short attention spans. So why not combine it with gaming to make the learning all unintentional? that’s what ChemCaper is set out to do. More details and trailer inside!

ChemCaper is basically a mobile game that aims to let kids age 10-14 (and maybe a handful of adults) learn about chemistry the fun way; through RPG style gaming. But with the Kickstarter they are aiming to bring it to PC on Steam.


Having ended their Beta recently, the game is now almost ready to hit the masses, needing to raise about $50,000 by the middle of February. The mobile version is set to launch on iOS and Android in March.

As the story goes, Roub, a young Moon Being charged with finding his people’s lost deity is thrown into the world of Camp Ungku. Hearing rumours that there’s a mysterious glowing being in the area, he searches. In the mean time, the friendly petticles have transformed into terrible creatures who only want to attack the Moon Beings.

Petticles all have their own individual characteristics, like Sal-T who embodies Sodium Chloride (aka, table salt) and Elcium (Calcium) who is shy and docile at first but becomes tougher as it grows.

Players will also eventually find themselves on the world of Reac Ta (which incidentally is modeled after the periodic table).

Aside from the RPG elements, players can also combine petticles to form combos like the chemical compounds they embody in the real world. Sounds pretty fun to us!

You can find out more about the game at their website here or head over to pledge at their Kickstarter campaign here!