Did anyone actually test the water that people in China are consuming? Are these people even humans? Or are they cyborgs sent from the future? Besides the ability to make products that last more than two days, the people from China are good at EVERYTHING. 

I swear, one of these days they’ll be making mutton curry better than an 80-year-old Indian grandmother. As mentioned yesterday, China is a powerhouse in the Dota 2 scene. Now, it looks like they’ve conquered the Cosplaying scene as well.

In an impressive showing, Team China won its first World Cosplay Summit championship with a phenomenal Blood: The Last Vampire performance. Cospalyer Tian Tian was Blood’s Saya, and Xue Yan Xue was a chiropteran monster.

Now, I can’t read Japanese, but I’m sure the tweet above reads something along the lines of this is what happens when you don’t spend 15 hours a day scrolling through Facebook.

Check out Team China’s performance below.