In a brilliant marketing move, Hasbro has polled the Star Wars fan community to create special “Fan Choice” figures. For first time in history, they introduced this concept to the 6-inch Black Series Line and poll is on to decide which character is to be made into the next plastic wonder.

After a week of polling, several names pop out as potential candidates for the final product:

“Old Ben” Kenobi from A New Hope
Lando Calrissian from The Empire Strikes Back
Darth Revan, from Bioware’s hit RPG Knights of the Old Republic
Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels
The Gammorean Guard from Return of the Jedi
A Snowtrooper from The Empire Strikes Back
General Grievous from Revenge of the Sith

What’s interesting here is that Hasbro has already stated any characters from Rebels or Clone Wars will be rendered in realistic scale, not the cartoon version. This is to ensure the continuity of the Black Series Line which consists of realistic looking figures so far. Currently, Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic is leading the race.

The vote is still ongoing and the winner will be announced at Hasbro’s Star Wars toy panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con 2015 on 10 July 2015. You can access the poll at StarWars.com.

Source: StarWars.com via io9

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