Secure and Build Networks with Cisco CCNA Security Certification Including 210-260 Exam Details

Being a world leader in networking, Cisco offers a wide range of certifications for candidates who’ve just entered the IT field or need to advance their skills. The credentials fall into the associate, professional, and expert levels. The company has also designed a Career Path that shows your way within the chosen domain. Thus, you can choose from getting certified in cloud, collaboration, data center, cybersecurity operations, and security among many. One of the most desirable certifications offered by Cisco is the CCNA Security credential, as Cisco has paid attention to the evolving role of the network security professional and its importance to the IT industry. This has rendered network security performance more visible to organizations. The CCNA Security credential equips candidates with in-depth skills and understanding to secure an organizations’ threats and security infrastructure. But first, let’s see the benefits the CCNA Security brings with it

Benefits of Acquiring CCNA Security Certification for Networking Professionals

The CCNA Security credential nowadays is used as a parameter to filter employees in IT. However, a number of candidates have experienced drastic positive growth in their networking careers after earning this certification. Now, let’s see the advantages that it offers:

1. The certification equips you with relevant skills

In the process of acquiring the CCNA Security certification, you are able to develop a sound technique and enhance your knowledge in understanding concepts in networking. In spite of possessing years of experience in this field, you also require to improve your skills to outdo your competitors. The CCNA Security credential is paramount to keep you in the trend of the technological changes in the field of networking.

2. Widens the recognition scope

The Prepaway CCNA Security certification gives you the perfect recognition and entitlement to include in your resume while searching for a job in Cisco networking companies. The certification has three-years validity giving you a chance to get the best from your certification.

3. Boosts careers

Certification is an essential mark on your CV list, especially if you aim to get a promotion. It shows that you are a professional with up-to-date skills, keeps the upper hand, and are able to reach your goals. With the CCNA Security certification, as a networking expert, you’ll climb the career ladder faster than your competitors. As for the job positions, you can apply for Security Technician, Network Security Specialist, Network Security Support Engineer, and Security Administrator.

4. Increase in salary

Security certified professionals have a large number of job opportunities in the market. According to PayScale, the average salary of CCNA Security certified experts varies from $51,111 to $97,786. And remember that there’s always a place to grow.

5. Exposure to less complicated outline

Cisco certification curriculum lacks extensive outlines making it suitable for candidates to enrol in the course. Once you are CCNA Security certified, the Cisco track switches to being comprehensible for you to go on to the professional level of certification. As soon as you manage the first step, you are capable of managing other certifications like CCNP Security and CCIE Security accordingly.

Achieving CCNA Security Certification

The CCNA Security certification focuses more on Implementing security policies, the security protocols, and alleviating threats and risks of an organization. In this course, the candidate gains the skills and knowledge to secure and maintain the network and confidentiality of data in the organization. Additionally, the CCNA Security credential validates the candidates to monitor, install and configure the network devices.

To qualify for the CCNA Security certification, one should:

  • be a holder of any valid Cisco CCENT, CCNA Routing and Switching or any CCIE credential. 

To get a certification, you need to pass one or more exams. As for the CCNA Security, you have to sit for 210-260 IINS test. The candidate is therefore expected to undergo Implementing Cisco Network Security training to pass this exam.

Cisco 210-260 Exam Description

Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS) exam is a 90-minute test containing 60-70 questions. This test measures the candidate’s competencies of secure network infrastructure, managing secure access, understanding the main security concepts, firewalls, email and web content security, intrusion prevention and endpoint security. 210-260 exam affirms candidate’s skills in troubleshooting, monitoring and installation of secure networks to uphold confidentiality, availability and integrity of data and devices. To pass the test at the first attempt you should be well prepared. Below are the tips that can ease your preparation process for 210-260 exam.

Tips to prepare for Cisco CCNA Security Exam

1. Join Cisco classroom training programs

To succeed in the exam, Cisco offers instructor-led classes that cover mainly security technologies and principles. The courses include hands-on activities with the use of CCNA Security products. Thus, you learn the concepts and gain fundamental practical skills, to utilize basic security techniques within a real-life network infrastructure.

2. Adopt the E-learning system

Cisco E-learning is designed to help CCNA Security candidates prepare for their 210-260 IINS exam. It is divided into parts that cover all exam objectives and is well structured. The course will cost you $1000 and includes self-paced training, video training, and labs. It’s highly effective as you can study at your own pace, track your results and return to the material till your complete understanding. You’ll also get a direct feedback on how well they have mastered the material. The access duration is one year from the date of purchase.

3. Use CCNA Security Study Guide

With the CCNA Security Study Guide, you will have a comprehensive preparation for 210-260 exam. The guide covers the exam objectives helping you nurture technological competency needed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of devices and data. The practical examples available in the Study guide will expose you to the real-world understanding of the complex critical issues. This, therefore, acts as a roadmap to guide you on what should be done at a particular time of the day. To find it, simply check the Cisco Press website or Amazon.

4. Utilise Examsnap Premium Bundle

To gain confidence in your skills and knowledge regarding the CCNA Security exam, you can visit Examsnap website and gain access to 210-260 Premium Bundle. It includes the exam questions and answers checked by exam experts, a training course and a study guide. All that material you can get at a reduced price, which is currently $39.98

5. Relax

Take regular breaks during your revision. Continuously burying yourself into books is of no benefit. Hang out with friends, take a balanced diet and get enough sleep. Go through the exam rules and regulations before the scheduled dates of the exam. Gather all the necessary materials you would require. Finally, effectively manage your time and tackle one question at a time to avoid anxiety.


CCNA Security certification is valid for three years. Once the period elapses, you are required to recertify by passing any exam of the associate level or CCIE Written exam.


The world today is endowed with too much competition and challenges and IT sphere, and network security, in particular, is no exception. To be at the forefront, attaining the CCNA Security certification can be your first step toward your successful career in security within Cisco Career Path. Thus, use the tips provided in the article to pass 210-260 exam, earn the CCNA Security credential and become eligible for the certifications of the higher level, such as CCNP Security and CCIE Security. We wish you success!