classic cartoons

For many of us who grew up in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, we tend to brag and boast that we had the best cartoons during our time and stuff shown on the “idiot box” today is nothing compared to our favourites. And as someone who enjoys the classics and some of the newer stuff shown on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and DisneyXD, I have to agree that many of the classics are much better than Ben 10, Spongebob and even Adventure Time.

While the art styles and animations were a little janky and awkward for some cartoons, the characters and storylines were definitely much more likeable. Storylines were engaging and intriguing, so much so that someone like my mother would be hooked onto them. Her favourites were Gargoyles, Mummies Alive and X-Men. Characters in these classics also felt a little more human as they exude emotions via their speech and actions.

Seeing as how Hollywood has dipped their gritty fingers into the pool of classics such as Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and G.I. Joe and adapted them for the newer generation (for better and mostly for the worst, I’m looking at you Mr. Bay), here’s a list of classic cartoons that I think can stand the test of time and make a comeback as a big hit for those who grew up with them and also the new generation.

1.  The Centurions


Number of seasons: 2

Number of episodes: 65

Original run: April 7 – December 12 1986

Out of all the classics, The Centurions is easily my favourite out of the lot and is the one that’ll probably be the most successful if it made the leap to the modern age or silver screen. Set in the near future, The Centurions are a team of heroes that team up together to fend of the evil genius cyborg Doc Terror, who of course, wants to take over the world with his army known as Doom Drones, which are made up of drones that can fly, traverse rough terrains or even go underwater.

The Centurions on the other hand, are ordinary men, who are equipped with exo-frames that allow them to fuse with special weapon platforms that is a combination of hard-suit and mecha. The team is originally made up of three members and each of them have their very own expertise, for example, Max Ray is the “Brilliant” Sea Operations Commander; Jake Rockwell is the “Rugged” Land Operations Specialist and Ace McCloud is the “Daring” Air Operations Expert. Later in the series, Rex Charger, the “Expert” Energy Programmer and John Thunder, the “Specialist” Infiltration Commander was added to the team.

Back then, the story was more of a sci-fi fantasy but in this day and age, it is definitely much more believable as many researchers are already dabbling in exo-suits and also unmanned drones that are used for reconnaissance and even defense.

If made into a live-action, many of the original designs of The Centurions can of course be retained but be given a new lick of paint so they look more modern and lifelike. The major change of course has to come to Doc Terror and his lackey, Hacker as their designs are laughable even back in those days.