Super Smash Bros Cloud

Our favourite moody, spiky haired warrior from Final Fantasy 7 is joining the cast of Super Smash Bros, limit breaks and all!

Most well known for being the main playable character in Final Fantasy 7, Cloud, who has also made appearances in multiple other games both belonging to Square Enix and others. So his inclusion into Nintendo‘s Super Smash Bros into entirely too surprising.

On top of the brand new character, we will also getting a Midgar themed stage and music themes along with it. Cloud’s fighting styles and limit breaks are staying pretty true to his original incarnation; and those who have played Final Fantasy Dissidia would find them pretty familiar.

You also seem to have the option to choose from his original garb from Final Fantasy 7 or from the Advent Children movie. The trailer hints at Chocobo costumes for the other characters in game, but we probably won’t find out till the next Nintendo Direct.

Anyway, catch the reveal trailer down below: