Comiket is going to take over Tokyo Big Sight in a matter of weeks, drawing close to half a million people to buy exclusive merch and their favorite doujin titles. However this time around the lines are going to be slower and longer, with increased security.

The reason for this is that police have requested an increase in the event’s security measures to prevent terrorist attacks. As a result, all visitors have to submit to baggage checks and cannot carry hazardous materials, firearms or swords that violate the Firearms and Sword Possession Control Law. Personal belongings shouldn’t be left unattended either.

Following terror attacks in Paris and mass shootings in the U.S, its no great surprise that everyone is feeling paranoid. Previously, Comiket also required a bag check after threats targeting Kuroko’s Basketball doujin events and their creator were made. Comiket cancelled all circles relating to Kuroko’s Basketball and refunded their entrance fees. In the wake of that the event lost more than 10 million yen (about RM 353,906) in revenue but the perp was eventually arrested in 2013.

Do you think the new security measures will make the lines a lot slower or you think its a worthwile sacrifice for a much safer convention? let us know in the comments.