One Punch Man

It’s already nearing Fall 2017 and we have yet to get any details on when the second season of the hit anime One Punch Man will start. However, there’s one piece that has come out and it’s a pretty controversial one.

Many of us were impressed by the production of the first season of One Punch Man and that was very much thanks to the production company and director of the anime, Madhouse and Shingo Natsume.

However, it looks like we won’t be seeing either returning to oversee Saitama’s antics in the new season of the anime as it has been announced that a new production company and director will be taking over the reins of the anime.

The success of the One Punch Man anime first season can be attributed to both Madhouse and Shingo’s work, with the robust action sequences by the former being the highlight of the anime. However, it is known that Madhouse usually doesn’t do second seasons and has a habit of passing on franchises once it’s done on the first season.

So who will be taking over? The new production company will be J.C Staff, who has done the recent Vatican Miracle Examiner and of course the popular Shokugeki no Soma series. The new director, on the other hand, will be Chikura Sakurai, whose work on the Naruto series will be very familiar with many fans.

Aside from that though, all the cast members will remain with Makoto Furukawa coming back as Saitama and Kaito Ishikawa as Genos.

There are some apprehensions over the change as the work done by Shingo and Madhouse has given the One Punch Man anime its signature look and feel. So with the change of both production company and director, many feel that Season 2 of the anime might be a totally different animal. Whether that will be good or bad will remain to be seen once it finally releases.