Initial impressions

When I first received both pieces of cosmetics the packaging looked a bit worrying. For the price (SGD$30 a piece, about RM 94.50 a pop) the packaging looked hilariously cheap, and being a Japanese product, I found this a bit surprising. Save for the English descriptions of the product, everything else is in Japanese, but Tokyu Hands happily included stickers on the products in English, for those of us who want to check out the ingredients.

Luckily, after coming out of the box things looked a little better. The powder compact is this square affair made of plain plastic while the foundation comes in a rather bog standard tube that wouldn’t look out of place with your cleanser.

So I decided to tackle the foundation first.

What makes the foundation a bit different is that you’re encouraged to mix your own perfect shade with the other available colours to make a blend that suits you best. Of course, there’s one that’s stark white for those needing to be super pale so they’ve covered most bases.

Being a pale person, I picked the foundation in F02 because I was a bit concerned the colour would be too dark, boy was I wrong. The colour indicated on the box was incredibly light so I was quite relieved when the liquid actually came out looking okay.


Texture wise it isn’t all that bad, it doesn’t feel oily and after you blend it out properly it does look and feel good. Coverage is somewhere between light and medium, so you will still need concealer if you got any redness or major skin problems going on, but it doesn’t react at all. Also being scentless, that’s a big bonus.

One tube gets you about 30g worth of product.

As for the powder, it didn’t impress me out of the box. While it gets you about 11g of product, there’s no applicator and there’s no mirror despite being so big. However, the powder looks very light and has a translucent quality to it. Like the foundation it has no scent so that’s also a good thing.

Why is there no mirror and applicator?! am I supposed to put this on with my sausage hands?!

On to the testing!