I have super fair skin, so the fact that this stuff actually managed to make me even lighter is saying something. Sadly it has a bit of an ashy quality to it (maybe I’m not light enough?) but it has a rather nice texture that isn’t oily feeling and it doesn’t feel like it would move around much.

In terms of coverage, I would say it’s light to medium at best but you will still need concealer for any larger blemishes you might have.

So here’s what I look like sans makeup (except for some liquid lipstick, I have chapped lips okay):

And now with the foundation:

It even made my eyebrows lighter

Maybe I got a colour that was a wee bit too light for me but it shouldn’t be to the point you go ashy. Maybe good for becoming ultra-light or kinda vampiric but not exactly good for looking like a (healthy) living person.

Does a pretty good job at smoothening out your complexion though.


Despite the initial impressions about the powder’s compact I’d have to say the product itself is rather nice.

The powder is quite finely milled and has no scent. Like many translucent powders I’ve tried in the past it feels quite nice on the skin and it doesn’t appear to be drying. However, if you were super pale with the foundation, adding this on will make you even paler but on it’s own it does still help smooth out your complexion a teensy bit and it’ll keep all that excess face oil at bay.

But like all powder, if you happen to have dry skin or neglected to exfoliate in advance, it will bring up those dry patches.

Once again, sans makeup:

and with the powder:

It does make you a teensy bit pale like the foundation but not nearly the same in terms of magnitude. You can clearly see the blemishes on my face still so I wouldn’t recommend using this on its own without concealer at least.

I’m still kinda bummed that there’s no puff or sponge to apply the powder with, and the fact that it’s gigantic but no mirror. Also, it only seems to come in one shade so if you’re not incredibly pale, it might turn you a bit ashy as well.

So what to make of these two products?