As far as I’ve tried the two, I’ve got rather mixed feelings about them.

The foundation I like the texture and the weightless feel of it, but the weird ashyness doesn’t make it work for me as I don’t want to look any unnaturally paler than I already am. It lasts pretty long without primer as well.

I like the powder more than the foundation because it does smoothen up my skin, but I wouldn’t use it in conjunction with the foundation because you will be ultra-pale. Also like I’ve said far too many times already the packaging is incredibly mediocre and you will have to bring your own mirror and brush/sponge just to make use of it.

All in, if you want something easy to use and reasonably long lasting but aren’t willing to divvy up top dollar for expensive brands this might be a decent middle ground between affordable drug-store vs something top-tier bought in Sephora. Granted it’s leaning on the steeper side of things but at least you’ll know it stays put.

With their wider range now it’s possible you’ll find a better suiting colour than I did, but I’d still recommend some swatching before you buy.

At the moment they’re still a little difficult to get ahold of, so if you can’t pick it up in Singapore in person from Tokyu Hands, you can buy it online at their site.