Malaysia’s first ever event centered around our very own commuter system is happening this weekend! Check out the details here.

Cosplay Commuter is a brand new kind of event never before seen in the country, being a mix of your usual ACG event but with a rather unorthodox plan.

The event invites people to dress up in their favourite costumes and head on over to the train for a fun ride. The spiritual successor to Keretapi Sarong, this one-day event will take attendees across six activity filled stops on the LRT. All you have to do is dress up, pay for the train fare or a pass and come to the starting point at EVOLVE Concept Mall and get cracking!

The whole idea behind this is to encourage people to make new friends or otherwise meet people with similar interests. There’s also the added bonus of creating a bond of unity and positivity between cosplayers and the general public.

The event takes place 8 July.

For more information, you can visit their event page here.