We wouldn't mind having this clothes rack

We wouldn't mind having this clothes rack

Given how big cosplay has become locally, it’s a little hard to keep track of what’s happening and where but the folks over at CosPlay-FUN, a local community dedicated to the art (and the fun stuff) has been uploading the year’s event schedule for the last few years as a point of reference for fans and cosplayers alike.

Granted a lot of events still don’t have confirmed dates yet, but CosPlay-FUN keeps it updated as and when dates are confirmed as well as other info like site links and ticketing information. The list also includes noteable hobby events as well as cultural festivals like Bon Odori and related Japanese culture expos.

The full listing can be seen here at their website and it’s updated regularly.

Special thanks to CosPlay-FUN Malaysia for keeping tabs on the events schedule year after year. We owe you guys one.

Do check out their Facebook page too!


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