Could this be the LG G3? A bit late to be in Malaysia though
Could this be the LG G3? A bit late to be in Malaysia though
Could this be the LG G3? A bit late to be in Malaysia though

We’ve hinted many times that LG Malaysia should really consider bringing their LG G3 smartphone over to Malaysia (just in case you’re wondering, we did it here, here and here). Maybe, just maybe, they finally heard our pleas. Why do we say that? Because in a recent posting on the LG Malaysia Fan page, what seems to be the silhouette of the smartphone was teased.

Now we can’t really say for sure if it really is the LG G3 but it kind of looks promising. The LG G3 was first introduced in May this year and since its launch has been rated as one of the best Android device of 2014 (don’t believe us? Check out what Stuff, Engadget and Trusted Reviews has to say). When it was first launched it came packed with the latest stuff you’d want in a smartphone. There was 5.5” Quad HD IPS display, a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, a 13MP OIS+ camera sensor with laser autofocus, a whopping 3000mAh battery, a choice of 2GB RAM and 16GB storage or 3GB RAM and 32GB storage and LTE support. Impressive right?

The problem is that it might JUST be a little too late to be doing that now.  Here’s the thing, it’s already more than 6 months since its launch and while its fellow South Korean competitor, Samsung wasted no time in launching their top two flaghships, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in Malaysia as fast as they could, well lets just say LG has been found more than wanting. And with so many other competitors like Xiaomi, Oppo and many more offering similar performing phones at lower prices, the LG G3 is going to have tough fight here.

That being said, it does look like the company is finally bringing back its smartphones here into Malaysia. The last time we saw an LG smartphone in the country was the LG Optimus G Pro and that was all the way in July 2013. So with major events like CES and MWC round the corner, LG’s entry back into the Malaysian smartphone market might be timely. Let’s just hope their follow up, the LG G4 does as well as its predecessor.

Source: LG Malaysia Fan Page

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