Creer Beaute, the same people who brought us this fantastic Sailor Moon eyeshadow palette and transformation wand eyeliner, has some new products up it’s sleeves. Transformation pen style lipsticks to be exact.

 The brand is known for producing quite a lot of Sailor Moon makeup, going from eyeliner to powder and blush compacts, and now lipstick.

These are the Moisture Rouge lipsticks, comprising of five different shades. Each is inspired by a particular member of the Sailor Moon gang, with Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter’s lippies sporting a sheer pink, Sailor Mercury a pinkish-violet, sheer orange for Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars her vibrant red. Each has their own symbols and colours too, so they double up as collector items.

To top it all off, the formula is apparently incredibly moisturizing so, they should be worth the 3,024 yen pricetag (about RM 122) a pop. They’re apparently only shipping out this June, with no real indicator whether or not it will be widely available worldwide, but here’s hoping!