Whose pointy ears are these?

Batman Wayang Kulit

First it was Star Wars. Now the DC Superheroes are also getting their Wayang Kulit treatment. From the guys at Fusion Wayang Kulit, we’ll now get to see our favourite DC Superheroes in their traditional Wayang Kulit form!

Unlike their past performance Peperangan Bintang which performed Star Wars in the traditional Wayang Kulit style, this time we’ll only be treated to an exhibition of the DC Characters in their Wayang Kulit form. Called the DC Superhero Wayang Kulit Exhibition, it is being held in conjunction with the Justice League Run Penang that’s happening this 30th August weekend.

According to Tintoy Chuo, the creator of Fusion Wayang Kulit, 5 major DC Superheroes will be featured in the Wayang Kulit exhibition and a special display will be setup in order to project their shadows onto a 10-feet tall display. So if you’re really looking for larger than life superheroes, you might want to go check it out.

The exhibition will begin this 27th August (Thursday) over at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang and will be run all the way till the Merdeka Day, 31st August (Monday).

Fusion Wayang Kulit, first came into prominence when they first performed Peperangan Bintang (the direct Malay translation for Star Wars) back in 2013. The performance was done by puppeteer Muhammad Dain Othman (affectionately known as Pak Dain) with the Wayang Kulit characters designed in the traditional Kelantanese style of Wayang Kulit puppets.

Star Wars Wayang Kulit

Since then, they’ve also went on to render martial arts and movie legend Bruce Lee into Wayang Kulit form for the 75 years of Bruce Lee Exhibition & Art Charity.

Bruce lee wayang kulit

When asked if Fusion Wayang Kulit, will be considering a new performance with the new DC Superheroes Wayang Kulit puppets, Tintoy said that they’d like to see the response of the crowd to the exhibition before they make a decision.

So if you’re wondering what your favourite DC Heroes will look like in Wayang Kulit form, be sure to head over to Gurney Plaza from this 27th August till 31st August and you might just see them in a totally different light.