DC Comics in Malay

Ever wondered what your favourite DC Superheroes would look like speaking in Malay? Now you won’t have to as we’ll soon be getting DC comics in Malay.

More accurately, we will be able to read some of DC’s back-catalogue in Malay. The publishing outfit that was lucky enough to land the publishing and translation rights in Malaysia are Buku Fixi, and indie publishing outfit that focuses on urban, contemporary novels. The publishing company, which started in 2011, will be translating the back catalogue of DC’s graphic novels under their new imprint Grafixi, which is focused, of course, on graphic novels.

Among the first titles that we’ll be seeing from Grafixi will be; Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, which was the trade paperback, collected editions of Superman/Batman issues 1-6, and Superman/Batman: Supergirl, which collected issues 8-13.

DC Comics in Malay 2

Buku Fixi was started by Malaysian filmmaker/writer Amir Muhammad and initially specialised in urban pulp fiction in Malay and English. However, it has since expanded its imprints to cover English-language Malaysian books (Fixi Novo), non-fiction (Fixi Mono), reprints of old Malay-language classics (Fixi Retro) and Malay translations of current international bestsellers (Fixi Verso). And now with the inclusion of Grafixi, they’ve expanded their range to graphic novels as well.

So when can you get your hands on the Malay language DC graphic novels? Pretty soon as copies of them will be available at Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2016 in Serdang, where Buku Fixi has a booth setup. As for price? Unlike the imported graphic novels and trade paperbacks in English (which usually cost between RM60 to RM80), each title will cost RM30. However, in conjunction with the book fair, if both titles are bought, both will only cost RM50.