Dead Rising 4 is set to debut at E3 next week and some leaked visuals have hit the internet ahead of launch.

The latest installment of the zombie action game apparently is a remake of the first Dead Rising. Its also possibly set around Christmas time given that the screenshots feature snow and the mall in the poster is strung up with what looks like Christmas lights.

dead rising 4 leak
The weather outside is frightful

The last Dead Rising game (DR3) came out in 2013 and was an Xbox One exclusive title. Hopefully E3 2016 will reveal whether or not we will be getting a PC version as well.

dead rising 4 leak_2
But the fire’s so delightful

The images also mark the return of Frank West as the protagonist, but there’ll likely be more characters as Capcom Vancouver states that there will be a four-player co-op mode available as well.

We’ll just have to sit tight till E3 next week to see if this really is the real deal.