Singaporean e-Sports team DeadlyKittens has just been acquired by Zenway Productions, having recently coming in with top placements in the last few major tourneys they have taken part in.

DeadlyKittens has been reigning champions in the Southeast Asian Heroes of the Storm Global Championships (HGC) from 2015 to 2017 and have gained quite a reputation in the region.

With the acquisition, Deadlykittens and Zenway hope to expand to other games as well:

“With DeadlyKittens recently qualifying to represent SEA in Dreamhack, we felt like this would be a good time to do our part in supporting and growing the esports scene here,” says Lee Jian Ming, founder of Zenway Productions. “We have close bonds with the Heroes community here in SEA and have watched this particular team grow from strength to strength. I feel that they have the potential to push themselves even further with proper support.”

DeadlyKittens will soon be heading to Dreamhack Summer 2017 next, all the way to Sweden to represent SEA at the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Mid-Season Brawl.

For more info can check out Zenway Production’s Facebook page here or DeadlyKitten’s page here.