Deadpool’s worst moment: The Merc with no mouth


X-men Origins: Wolverine

Back in 2009 it seemed like Deadpool was finally going to have his moment in the sun when it was announced that Ryan Reynolds was going to play DP in the (then) highly anticipated first entry in the X-Men Origins “series”:  X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

While we did get a semi-decent version of a Weapon-X era, sword wielding, smart talking Wade Wilson, the climax of the film showed just how far off the mark 20th Century Fox could be when it came to understanding their X-Men characters. They rebuilt Wade as a teleporting hodgepodge of mutant powers, with extendable Katanas embedded in his arms, laser vision and worst of all his mouth sewn shut for the sake of a quip from Wolverine!

Even if a post credits scene seems to indicate that “Moviepool”  would in the future become more like his comic counterpart, it was a huge disappointment for fans (and Ryan Reynolds!)