The Tangled Web of Spider-Man 


Deadpool Volume 1 Issue #11, Amazing Spider-Man #611, DeadPool Annual 2014

Of all the heroes of the Marvel universe Spidey is probably the only one who can go toe-to-toe with Deadpool in the wisecracking stakes (or should that be  tongue-to-tongue?). It’s probably why their interactions end up being so enjoyable. So much so that it’s difficult to just choose one!

While it may not feature too much Spider-Man, Issue 11 of Deadpool volume 1 features one of the best Deadpool/Spidey gags when Deadpool & Blind Al accidentally travel back in time and appear in an old issue of Amazing Spider-Man. With a little styling Blind Al slips into Aunt May’s shoes pretty easily while Deadpool uses his image inducer to impersonate Peter Parker. Obviously hilarity ensures as they try to get back to the present, avoid paradoxes and tangle with Kraven The Hunter and Deadpool is repeatedly horrified by Harry and Norman Osborn’s hair (which has always looked weird to be honest)

Deadpool 11 hair 2Meanwhile, over in Amazing Spider-Man issue #611, Deadpool and Spidey end up tangling on a basketball court for no apparent reason, leading to an epic “Yo-Mamma” insult battle as the two hurl verbal abuse at each other.

Finally in 2013’s Deadpool Annual, the two masked heroes once again gross paths, although this time they on slightly more friendly terms. Deadpool decides to help out a sleeping webhead by stealing his outfit and webslingers and impersonating him for the day, leading to one of the all time great, yet obscure, Mortal Kombat gags in the history of comics!

MortalCombat1 Mortal Combat 2