Turns out, Death Note actually has its very own canon epilogue that came years after the end of the actual manga series.

Published two years after the end of the original manga, the Death Note One-Shot Special, also known as chapter 109. As the plot goes, the story takes place three years after the Kira case having been resolved and Near is shown as the new L.

Also, the story has a new Kira emerging who also gained a Death Note from the Shinigami, who has gotten an extra Death Note from the Shinigami King as a reward for bringing him 13 apples from the human world.

The new Kira started off by killing elderly people to relieve them from their pain, and it looked like the story was once again picking up. However, L decided the new Kira, labeled “C-Kira” (which stands for Cheap Kira) was not just a killer without a purpose. However, L wasn’t interested in the case as they weren’t the “real Kira” to him, and eventually, C-Kira wrote their own name in the Death Note.

All the events above are considered canon to the story and it’s something fans really need to catch, as it is inspired by the original manga.

The original Death Note ran a full 12 volumes during its run in 2003-2005, and inspired a handful of video games, an animated TV series, animated movie, novel and most recently, Netflix’s live-action adaptation.