Death Note/デスノート sequel movie in 2016 to feature the new Six-Note rule?

The live-action TV series just concluded few days ago in Japan, and fans are intrigued with an announcement at the end of final episode that a new Death Note live-action movie is coming next year. So what is special about this is the debut of L’s successor and the Six-Note Rule which so far has only been shown in manga. The movie will be directed by Shinsuke Sato (Gantz, Toshokan Sensou live actions).

The new movie is touted as the “forbidden sequel” to the previous two Death Note movies: Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name. In the upcoming movie, the story will begin 10 years after the events in Death Note and is heavily focusing on cyber-terrorism. Two new characters with Light’s and L’s DNA will be ready to take on six Death Notes which were released into the world. Each Death Note has a Shinigami (Death God) so the new heroes quite literally have to contend with six Death Gods.

In the meantime, check out this teaser trailer while waiting for 2016 to come.

via My Game News Flash

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