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Despite the lack of presence at SDCC 2015, Bryan Singer has been updating fans on what is going on with X-Men: Apocalypse. After the reveal of the titular villain himself (which is not well received, by the way) and mayhem at the previous filming set, we got to see the aftermath of a massive action in city of Cairo, Egypt. Bear in the mind that this is the place of origin for two main characters in the upcoming movie.

Fans are speculating that this could be the work of Storm (Alexandra Shipp). Recall that in the stinger of X-Men: Days of Future Past when we see young Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) doing his thing in ancient Egypt – perhaps he is the oldest of mutant or even maybe the very first mutant. Storm or her real name Ororo Munroe hails from Cairo too, which is exactly where Apocalypse is.

We know that Storm is one of the Four Horsemen besides Magneto, Archangel/Angel and Psylocke. Apocalypse actor Oscar Isaac compares his character to a cult leader during an interview. Thanks to the clean slate initiated by the previous movie, the makers have fun with possibilities to tell the story differently which is why we seeing Storm debut as a bad character here.

The movie is set to storm the cinemas on 27 May 2016.

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