The first visual key
The first visual key

Late last year during the announcement of Angel Beats!, Aniplex revealed a new anime animated by P.A Works (Hanasaku Iroha, Shirobako) called Charlotte. The writer is famous Jun Maeda (Angel Beats!, Kanon, Clannad) and original character designer Na-Ga. However the conference only showed off one visual key and zero details about the series.

Now we have little bit more details which came from Dengeki G’s March issue magazine. The synopsis is as follows:

Set in a word in which a small percent of children manifest super powers upon reaching puberty, the series follows the Nouryokusha mono, power bearer, members of the “Hoshi No Umi” Academy student council as they help peers with problems arising from their abilities.

Few main revealed characters so far are Yuu Otosaka, a rude and under performing student who has the ability to hijack another person’s body for five seconds. He often abuse the ability to memorize test answers by hijacking smarter students. Nao Tomori, the model student but narcissistic secret personality who is also a student council president on the other hand has the ability to disappear from the vision of one person at a time. She’s also a big fan of a band, ZHIEND (as in “The End”) which will be featured in the series. Joujirou Takajou, a speed demon who can move so fast that he seems like teleporting but he can’t control the impact of the speed. As the result, he wears padding beneath his uniform to absorb impacts from his sheer speed.

Finally the girl who was seen in the visual key is Nishimori  Yusa, a vocalist for band How-Low-Hello who also happens to be a medium who can speak to the dead. She often speaks to her long dead sister and channels her uncontrollably. When the latter happens, her eyes turn red from usual blue.

No announcement of the airing date or casting is known yet.

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