disney pictures

Better start saving up for your tickets, because Disney has taken the lid off all of its movies set to come between 2017 now till 2019. So sit tight! It’s gonna be a long list.

The movies were announced during their D23 fan convention. With Pixar, Lucasfilms and Marvel working with them Disney is pretty much a juggernaut in terms of turning out the biggest and best movies we can look forward to. As such, they’ve revealed a bunch of movies that they are going to release, from reboots to animated films and of course, sequels.

The Good Dinosaur will take place in a world where the comet never hit and dinosaurs lived on. The story is about a dinosaur that gets separated from his family, and finds a human friend as he journeys home. The movie launches 25 November.

Not forgetting Star Wars: The Force Awakens that is set to hit this 18 December.

finest hours

Up next is The Finest Hours, a film about a dangerous rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod in 1952. It stars Chris Pine, Eric Bana, Casey Affleck (among others) and will be out 29 January 2016.


Then comes Zootopia on 4 March 2016an animated flick on a fox and a bunny trying to crack a crime despite being natural enemies.